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I'm Faturoti Kayode, A.K.A Fattkay. I have written an 80-page basic introduction to website design using wordpress and I am ready to give you for free. Nice?

Step-By-Step Guide

I have given a step-by-step breakdown of wordpress website design while using Lasisielenu.com (unofficial website) as a sample study.

Just The Basics

From webhosting, domain name, CMS, to just anything you need to get you started with wordpress website design, I got you in this guide.

Lot of websites have been built using wordpress – big and small

About The Ebook

Learn how to design a LIVE website using wordpress technology within few minutes with just 7000 Naira, Shawarma money, without writing a single line of code. The guide involves a step-by-step walkthrough using a live sample (Lasisielenu.com) and it is only meant for newbies.

About The Author

I am Faturoti Kayode, A.K.A Fattkay. I am a 'passive income' enthusiast, a concrete internet marketer, a ruthless content writer, a prodigious website designer and a wondrous information tycoon. Follow me on Instagram @Fattbabakay, I've got pictures that'll make you lick your screen.

How Much?

Every December, I come up with unique ideas concerning giving back to the online community. you can check this thread for last year's. I beleive I owe my knowledge so far to the online community and this time, I'm paying my balance by giving out this guide for free.

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Download the ebook plus some other resources that'll guide you through the learning FOR FREE.


5-Man Tutorial


5 Days

Offline tutorial for 5 people including wordpress design and how to setup passive income channels with the knowledge. T&C Applies.
Unavailable For now.


1-1 Tutorial


5 Days

One-on-one tutorial including wordpress web design and setup of passive income channels with the knowledge. T&C Applies.
Unavailable For now.

WHATSAPP: 08149565292

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How well would you love to start making money designing websites and solving website design problems for those who never got the chance to land on this page? Wanna talk?


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